After Miscarriage

A step-by-step digital program that guarantees to

guide you through your grief to find resolution


After a miscarriage, it’s easy to get depressed, suffer from low self esteem and blame yourself for your loss. I know that I did and without quick action I would have fallen into a hole that would have been increasingly difficult to get out of. I knew that I needed help to get over my grief and transform this distressing time into a time of healing and personal growth.

… that you can heal properly, get confident again, and have a worry-free next pregnancy if you want to, by following these simple actions laid out in the After Miscarriage digital program.

Thoughtfully designed to help you trust in the process of your life

Benefits of the After Miscarriage digital program

  • 1. Cost Effective

    This very low cost investment will significantly speed up your healing time.

  • 2. Works Quickly

    You’ll notice changes in how you think and feel in the following few days after doing the program.

  • 3. Do at Your Own Pace

    Do the interactive video modules in your own time, where you feel most comfortable.

  • 4. Deeper Relationship

    Designed to help bring you and your partner closer to each other than ever.

  • 5. Fearless Pregnancy

    Will help you to be confident, excited and fearless if you decide to get pregnant again.


Interactive videos & guided meditation

The After Miscarriage digital program is designed so you don’t go through this experience alone. It includes 5 interactive videos, a guided meditation and a printed workbook. All elements build on each other to give you the help you need and steer you to recovery.

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Step 1: Unravel Your Emotions

Release your anger, guilt and sadness as a result of your loss.


Step 2: Stop Blaming Yourself

Choose a new, much kinder perspective on your experience.


Step 3: Let Go of Your Fears

Draw out and confront your fears head on so that they release from your body.


Step 4: Adopt a Positive Mindset

Learn a profound process to release all your negative beliefs and create more empowering ones.


Step 5: Integrate Your Learning

Uncover how your baby has helped you to grow in ways that perhaps you couldn’t have otherwise.


Step 6: Heal Completely

A guided meditation to help you and your baby let each other go and move forward on your own paths.


Narrate Your Journey

A printed workbook to fill out and guide you on your journey.

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If you are looking for miscarriage support & guidance this program is for you.

About Sophie Keller

Happiness and wellbeing expert, Dr Sophie Keller is the best selling author of 4 books, How Happy is Your Love Life? How Happy is Your Health? How Happy is Your Home? And How Happy is Your Marriage?  Sophie is frequently asked to contribute to the international media on happiness at work and home. She works as a spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies who need help with wellbeing and wellness messaging for their brands. E.g. Bank of America and LG Electronics. Sophie lost a baby when she was 20 weeks pregnant and used her expertise to heal herself and now to heal others.


Find more information on Sophie at :

Dr. Sophie Keller
Dr. Sophie Keller

It’s time to trust in the process of your life.

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30 day Money Back Guarantee