After Miscarriage Digital Program


After a miscarriage, it’s easy to suffer from low self esteem. I know that I did and knew that if I didn’t act soon I would fall into a state of depression that would be increasingly difficult to get out of. And so I gathered all my resources together and discovered the secret to lifting the dark fog that enveloped me. I also knew that it was important to share those resources with others who had suffered like I had.



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Have you lost your baby during pregnancy or just after? Are you upset, angry feeling guilty? Well regardless of any negative thoughts that are rushing around your head whether you lost your baby just recently, a few years ago or many years ago don’t despair because my digital program After Miscarriage is going to help you to stop blaming yourself or anyone else for your loss. Let go of all negative thinking about what happened and why. Release your grief, anger and guilt to speed up your grieving process, help you to start thinking positively about your next steps and release all fear of a repeat experience if you decide to get pregnant again.

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